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10.  Painted/Coated Materials喷涂材料

This paragraph will provide a uniform worldwide standard for the inspection of coated parts and decorative plastic parts with integral (molded in) finishes. These guidelines will be used along with the PSCS by Dell suppliers, as well as Dell personnel involved in first article inspection, purchasing, incoming inspection, assembly, and final audits at all Dell manufacturing sites.  The end goal is to provide Dell manufacturing sites with best-in-their-class components and assemblies.


10.1  Inspection Criteria检查标准

10.1.1  Inspector Qualifications检验员资格

Inspectors must have achieved one or more of the following: 检查员必须有下列一种或几种

·  ASQC Certified Quality Inspector美国质量控制学会授权的质量检验员

·  ASQC Certified Quality Technician美国质量控制学会授权的品质技术员

·  ASQC Certified Quality Engineer美国质量控制学会授权的品质工程师

·  Four years of experience as a Quality Inspector (per the ASQC body of knowledge for Quality Inspector)


·  Job-specific training directly traced to a recognized, published standard and directlyapplicable to the type of application being inspected


·  Direct supervision by an engineer available for consultation and decision-making on cosmetics issues


10.1.2 Inspection Process 制程检查 General Guidelines  一般方针

For inspection, all parts should be free from dirt, grease, oil, excess material, corrosion and other detrimental substances.  Dust caused by shipping material chafing is acceptable if it can be brushed off or blown off with air.


For decorative surfaces (Class 1, 2 and 3), the Inspector should review each surface for uniformity of appearance in color, texture and gloss, as well as the absence of imperfections.  For non-decorative surfaces (Class 4), the Inspector should review finishes for completeness of coating coverage and absence of functional defects such as blisters, bubbles, dirt, scratches, stains, burning, corrosion, dents and damage.

对于外观面,检验员必须同样的检查每一个面的颜色,咬花和光泽,同样不能有不理想.对于非外观面,检验员必须检查油漆覆盖是否完整和不得有水泡,气泡,尘土,擦伤,油污,易燃,有腐蚀,凹坑和损坏等 Finishes Comparison Panels油漆色板比较

Appearance acceptance or rejection of finished parts should be based upon comparison to the Dell comparison panels. The panels should be examined and renewed, and or replaced, every six months by the area responsible for distribution o

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