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This tutorial will guide you step by step in the ProCAST set-up of a sand casting simulation.

The geometry used for this tutorial is composed of a:


·sand box


本指南将指导你在 ProCAST 中一步一步地建立一个砂型铸件模拟。





1 Load the sand.mesh model in PreCAST

1、在PreCAST中加载 sand.mesh 模型

Please enter first the case name under the 'Case' field of the file manager and press the PreCAST menu

PreCAST will load first a ProCAST file (d.dat) if it is present in the current directory. If PreCAST does not find any ProCAST file, it will look for a MeshCAST file (.mesh) with the corresponding prefix. And if there is no MeshCAST file, you will have to use the Open file menu of PreCAST in order to look for the right file.

首先在 file manager中的 'Case' 区域添入工程名称,点击PreCAST菜单。

PreCAST将首先加载一个PreCAST文件(d.dat),如果这个文件在当前目录中。如果PreCAST没能找到一个PreCAST文件,它将搜索一个带有相应前缀的MeshCAST文件 (.mesh)。如果没有MeshCAST文件,你将不得不用PreCAST菜单中的 Open文件菜单来搜索正确的文件。

2 Check the geometry

PreCAST indicates automatically the number of materials, the total number of nodes and of elements. The units and the global size of the model are shown

These information and the volume of the different components are available in the File menu -> Check geometry options.



这些信息和不同零件的体积在菜单File menu -> Check geometry 选项中。

3 Assign material properties to the casting, mold and cores. In this case, Ductile Iron is assigned to the casting material, Sand silica to the mold and Steel_H13 to the core domains.

3、对铸件、砂型、砂芯设置材料参数。在本例中,铸件材料为球铁,砂型材料为硅砂,砂新材料为Steel_H13 。

4 Create and Assign the Interfaces between the components

In this case all interfaces have to be converted from EQUIV to COINC. In order to validate this choice, press the Apply button.


在本例中,所有的界面将 EQUIV 转化成 COINC。为了使该项选择有效,点击Apply按钮。

Once the interfaces are created, assign a heat transfer value to each interface. Typical values are 500 W/m2K between casting and sand and 1000 W/m2K between casting and steel cores.

一旦界面被创建,对每个界面设置一个热传导数值。典型值铸件与砂型界面为 500 W/m2K ,铸件与钢制砂芯之间为 1000 W/m2K。

5 Assign the Boundary conditions


A natural air cooling heat Boundary condition will be applied all around the sand box, a velocity Boundary condition will be applied and a temperature Boundary condition will be imposed to some nodes of the top surface of the down sprue.


6 Set the gravity

In order to set the gravity vector, go in the Process menu.


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