AutoCAD Orthographic Drawing Exercises | Isometric To Orthographic Drawing Exercises

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AutoCAD orthographic Views:

Steps in drawing orthographic views from pictorial views:

1. Study the given pictorial sketch or object carefully following the principles of orthographic projection

2. Prepare sketches of the required orthographic views from the picture or object or model before scale drawing is started

3. Make a preliminary measuring and determine the space required for the chosen combination of views

4. Select a suitable scale if necessary

5. Space the views and block out the spaces for the views

6. Draw centre lines of symmetrical parts like cylinder and centres of circles if visible

7. Build up the details in each view starting with the most characteristics shape and then proceeding to minor details. Carry the views along together and do not attempt to finish one view before taking up another. Keep the construction lines minimum and draw the lines to finished thickness, if possible.

Note: it is not possible to draw the top and side views directly. The depth measurements are relocated from one point to the other point. Mitre lines is sometimes used to transfer the measurements. Mitre line is a 45 degree line drawn through the points of intersection of the top and side views of the front edge. Use of a mitre line is not recommended since it takes more time and requires great care.

8. Check whether all the hidden features are shown in the drawing by dashed lines

9. Erase the extra construction lines after drawing the required views

10. Complete the dimensioning including the titles and notes

11. Check the drawing for accuracy and ascertain that it is complete in all respects.

Orthographic Drawing Practice 1:

01 - orthographic projection autocad 2014

Isometric To Orthographic Drawing Exercises Answer 1:

01 - orthographic drawing practice

Orthographic Drawing Practice 2:

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Isometric To Orthographic Drawing Exercises Answer 2:

01 - autocad orthographic drawing exercises

Orthographic Drawing Practice 3:

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Isometric To Orthographic Drawing Exercises Answer 3:

01 - isometric to orthographic drawing exercises 马棚网
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