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Power Application:

01-CFD_Heat_Exchanger-flow simulation-heat transfer rates-mass flow rates-pressure drops

COSMOS has been widely used in the power industry to study efficiency of sub systems involved in power generation. Combination of what if scenarios can be studied with ease to understand system response and enhance reliability.

Following Functionalities have been benefited the Power sector immensely:

  • Remaining Life Analysis of Static and Rotating components such as turbine parts
  • Heat transfer analysis of heat exchangers, boilers, pre-heaters, headers among others.
  • Fluid flow analysis in cyclones, waste heat recovery systems, chimneys, cooling towers and environmental and pollution control sub systems
  • Efficiency estimation of pumps
  • Energy flow studies in wind power applications
  • Solutions to Vibration induced failure problems
  • Strength and stiffness calculations for pressure vessels, structural members and tanks
  • Earth quake response (Seismic) Analysis of sub-systems
  • Creep analysis and aging calculations for high temperature applications

Process Application:

01-cfd_thermal_analysis_wind_loads-calculation-wind analysis in high rise structure-architectural analysis

COSMOS has found numerous applications in Petrochemical, textile and allied Industries. Renowned process industries world wide have adopted COSMOS to enhance life expectancy, reduce cost and improve reliability and efficiency of sub-systems and component’s.

Some of the capabilities of COSMOS include:

  • Stress and deflection calculations for pressure vessels, agitators, environment tanks, process equipment’s and comparison to ASME Code
  • Nozzle stress calculations
  • Wind loading, Hydro static pressure testing of process equipment’s and qualification of equipment’s to seismic excitation based on zonal classification.
  • Heat transfer simulation of heat exchangers (Plate type, Shell and Tube Type, Air-Cooled), Super heaters, Evaporators, Condenser’s, Cooling Tanks, Boilers, Distillation Columns and Chillers
  • Fluid induced vibration simulation of columns, tube bundles, pipe supports among others
  • Life expectancy calculation’s for dryers (Static and Rotary), Centrifuges, Rotating equipment’s and load bearing members
  • High Temperature applications involving seals and gaskets
  • Stiffness, Stress and Life calculations for expansion joints

Electronics Applications:

01-solidworks-flow-electronics analysis-heat transfer analysis-thermal management-forced cooling of electronics parts

Electronics industry worldwide has adopted COSMOS for quick and accurate simulations to obtain reliable answers for challenging situations arising out of thermal and vibratory input.

Some of the popular uses include:

  • Shock calculations of enclosures, support structures, electronic systems as per MIL, NAVSEA, BS and Indian Standards for equipment’s used in aircrafts, ships and off road vehicles
  • Thermal management of electronic device enclosures
  • Forced cooling in electronic sub systems and optimization of heat sinks
  • Thermal management of Printed Circuit Boards
  • Vibration analysis for impact printers & Electro-Mechanical actuation systems
  • Natural and Forced convection cooling of controllers ( Internal and External)
  • Heat Transfer efficiency of cold plates. 马棚网
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