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Introduction to Pro / Engineer Wildfire

Pro/Engineer Wildfire is a powerful program used to create complex designs with great precision. The design intent of any three dimensional model or an assembly is defined by its specification and its use. You can use the powerful tools of Pro/Engineer Wildfire to capture the design intent of any complex model by incorporating intelligence into the design.

To make the designing process simple and quick, this software package has divided the steps of designing into different modules. This means each step of the designing is completed in a different module. The design process consists of the following steps:

Sketching using the basic into features and parts

Concerting the sketch into features and parts

Assembling different parts and analyzing them

Documenting parts and the assembly in terms of drawing views

Manufacturing the final part and assembly

All these steps are divided into different modes of Pro / Engineer Wildfire, namely the Sketch mode, Part Mode, Assembly Mode, Drawing Mode and Manufacturing Mode.

Feature Based Nature:

Pro / Engineer Wildfire is a feature based solid modeling tool. A feature building block and it is defined as the smallest and any solid model created in Pro / Engineer Wildfire is an integration of a number of three building blocks. The use of the feature based property provides greater flexibility to the parts created.

Bidirectional Associative Property:

There is bidirectional associativity between all modes of Pro / Engineer Wildfire. The bidirectional associative nature of a software packages is defined as its ability to ensure any modifications are made in a particular model in one mode; the corresponding modifications are made reflected in the same model in other modes. For example, if you may change anything in a model in the part mode and regenerate it, the changes will also be highlighted in the assembly mode. Similarly, if you make any change in any part in the assembly mode, after regeneration, the change will also be highlighted in the part mode. This bidirectional associativity also correlates the two dimensional drawing views generated in the drawing mode and the solid model created in the part mode of Pro / Engineer Wildfire. This means that if you modify the dimensions of the 2D model and also in the assembly after regeneration.

Parametric Nature:

Pro / Engineer Wildfire is a parametric in nature, which means that the features of a part become interrelated if they are drawn by taking the reference of each other. You can redefine the dimension or the attributes of a feature at any time. The changes will propagate automatically throughout the model. Thus they develop a relationship among themselves. This relationship is known as the parent child relationship.


  • Sketch
  • Part
  • Assembly
  • Drawing


An element of a section geometry is called an entity. The entity can be an arc, line,circle, point, conic, coordina

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