A Feature-Based, Parametric Modeling System for CAD/CAPP/CAM Integrated System【基于特征的,参数化建模系统的CAD / CAPP / CAM集成系统】——中英文对照

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takes raw user input and generates a command stream, and provides graphic interaction. The functionsprovided by UI module are:

·Visualized icons, on-line documentation and on-line help

·Multi-views displaying(automatic hidden), color shading. U1 provides dynamic display to respond to mouse movement and button events.

·Menu customizer

·Picking entities. Picked entities can be filtered using criteria, such as entity type, color, entity layer and display status, etc.

·Grid support. The grid allows snapping onto the active Construction Plane.

·User defined view

PDPM (Product Design & Product Management) is the kernel of ZD-MCADII. PDPM treats the product design, including drawing design, part design, assembly design, and the product data management. PDPM has an ability to manage the full associativity of all models of the same product. Unlike traditional data management programs that focus on managingfiles, ZD-MCADII’s PDPM is optimized to manage models including product components, relationships, and other associated information. Product data, including solid geometric information, feature information, engineering information (tolerance, material, finish, etc.), and process [6], an object- information, etc., is managed by OSCAR oriented database management system, developed by AI of Zhejiang University. OSCAR not only supports Institute EXPRESS schema [7] and STEP SDAI [8] (Standard Data Access Interface), but also acts as an engineering data management system of the CAD/CAPP/CAM integrated system. The uniqueness of product data in OSCAR ensures the correctness of the full associativity of all models.

DEI (Data Exchange Interface) may exporthmport product data to/from other CAD/CAM systems. To support concurrent engineering, a CAD system must be open and flexible enough to exchange product data with other CAD systems or CAE, CAPP, CAM systems. The standard STEP [9] is the first international standard undertaken by the International Standard Organization (ISO), that enables the capture of information comprising a computerized product models in a neutral form without bss of completeness and integrity throughout the whole life cyde of a product [l0]. One of the most important points of the STEP development is the formal object-oriented and computer processable language EXPRESS, which is used to define the standard in an unique is a trend that most and unambiguous way. We believe that it of CAD/CAM system developers will make their systems support STEP standard in future. For modeling according the STEP product model, it is certain complete that ZD-MCADII supports STEP. As a result, a STEP data translator is not necessary any more, ZD-MCADII is able to generate STEP neutral file for a product or retrieve a STEP neutral file toform internal STEP product model directly. Namely, ZD- MCADII can deal with STEP product data without any translation.

As well as STEP, DEI also supports other IS0 or industry standard, such as IGES, SET,

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