A Feature-Based, Parametric Modeling System for CAD/CAPP/CAM Integrated System【基于特征的,参数化建模系统的CAD / CAPP / CAM集成系统】——中英文对照

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rnal representation, to provide the modeling techniques that allow the definition and manipulation of those product characteristics, and to integrate with CAD, CAM systems in CIMS environment.

Parametric modeling of ZD-MCADII can capture design to a intent and allows designer to make substantial changes part or assembly at any time during the design process. Parametric design offers a flexible approach to 3D-parametric modeling. It includes datum aides, such as pattern and group operations, coordinate systems, datum plane, datum curve, and datum point, that help improve designer praductivity. ZD-MCADII's 3D parametric model, 2D parametric and assembly model are associated globally so that any changes in onb or two of these models will cause any other associated models be automatically updated.

ZD-MCADII's sketcher allows designer to build dimension-driven profiles with geometric constraints such as, parallelism, tangency, and colinearity, captured automatically. Designer will be prompted by 'Smart-Line when these geometric constraints emerge. ZD-MCADII's constraints- based modeling allows designer to define equations bi- directionally relating model parameters to external engineering requirements which can then drive model geometry.

Feature-based modeling in ZD-MCADII allows design to include standard design elements in product geometric model and eliminates traditional, time-consuming modeling operations, and it provides various design features to facilitate the product design. ZD-MCADII also allows designer to construct his own feature libraries with user-defined feature provided by ZD-MCADII's feature module. ZD-MCADII's feature editor allows designer to modify a feature on screen by selecting the dimension and entering a ne& 'vahe. User can create a feature from a profile that lacks any constraints or dimensions, and even better, he can add dimensions and constraints later by clicking the feature redefine icon simply. ZD-MCADII is able to convert design feature to manufacture feature used in CAPP and CAM by its feature mapping module.


It is we11 known that an open software architecture brings ‘‘plug and play” compatibility and freedom of choice to software applications. So, as an excelient software, it must have an open architecture. From this view point, we pay much attention on its architecture while developing ZD-MCADII.

Fig. 1 and fig. 2 illustrate the architecture of ZD- MCADII. At the bottom of the diagtam, there is a developing environment interface which is independent of device. In this module, A VAPI (Virtual Application Programming Interface) for designers of application system is supplied. It is independent on the hardware and software platforms. VAPI brings much benefit, such as portable, flexible, expandable and reusable, etc.

UI(User Interface) is an event driven GUI, it can be.a of window, command line, menu, dialog box, or other type interface that

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