A Feature-Based, Parametric Modeling System for CAD/CAPP/CAM Integrated System【基于特征的,参数化建模系统的CAD / CAPP / CAM集成系统】——中英文对照

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A Feature-Based, Parametric Modeling System for CAD/CAPP/CAM Integrated System

Li Hailong, Han Jianhua, Dong Jinxiang, and Wang Yong

State Key Laboratory of CAD&CG,

Artificial Intelligence Institute of Zhejiang University,

Zhejiang University,Eangzhou, China, 3 10027

Abstract-To shorter product development time, this paper proposed an approach to developing feature based parametric product modeling systems which are suitable for integrated engineering design in CIMS environment. The architecture of ZD-MCADII and the characteristics of its each module areis managed by introduced in detail. ZD-MCADII's product data an object-oriented database management system OSCAR, and to the standard STEP. For the product model is built according the product design is established on a unified product model, all product data are globally associated in ZD-MCADII. ZD- iMCADI1 provides various design features to facilitate the product design, and supports the integrity of CAD, CAPP and CAM.


With the increasing pace of technology development and international competition, today's industrial environment is asking for further improvement of design quality and efficiency. As a result, research and commercialization of modern CAD/CAM technology are focusing on the feature- based modeling [I], the parametric design, and even on CIMS(Con1puter Integrated Manufacturing System), to reduce the gap, which traditionally existed between design and manufacturing, and improve the efficiency of product development. So, feature technology and parametric design are playing a more and more important role in the modern CAD systems. The main reason lies in that feature-based design support the integration of CAD, CAPP and CAM systems, and parametric design will reduce product design cycle times dramatically. Solid modeling contributes to fast, efficient, competitive product development, and can simulate the mass properties of physical objects (such as volume, moments of inertia, and center of gravity). In contrast, 3D wireframe and surface models only simulate the shapes of physical objects. So, the most of CAD/CAM developer choose solid model as geometric model of product.


ZD-MCADII [2-51 is a product modeling system of Zhejiang developed by Artificial Intelligence institute is a feature-based parametric modeling system University. It integrated with CAPPKAM systems. The system is based on the achievement of the National 7th five-year-plan project -- "The research of the mechanical product CAD support software for VAX series (UNIX OS)", combined with the National 863 high-tech. Project -- "Product model basedCAD/CAPP/ CAM integrated system" in 8th five-year-plan period.

This paper proposed an approach, which has been applied in our system ZD-MCADII, to develop feature-based parametric product modeling systems. The basic idea of the development of ZD-MCADII is to present all the product characteristics in a computer inte

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