General all-steel punching die’s punching accuracy——普通全钢冲模的冲压精度分析

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General all-steel punching die’s punching accuracy

Accuracy of panel punching part is display the press accuracy of the die exactly. But the accuracy of any punching parts’ linear dimension and positional accuracy almost depend on the blanking and blanking accuracy ,. So that the compound mould of compound punching’s accuracy, is typicalness and representation in the majority.

Analyse of the die’s accuracy

For the analyse of pracyicable inaccuracy during production of dies to inactivation, we could get the tendency when it is augmentation in most time. From this we could analyse the elements . when the new punch dies pt into production to the first cutter grinding, the inaccuracy produced called initial error ; if the die grinding more than twenty times , until it’s discard, the inaccuracy called conventional error ; and before the dies discard, the largest error of the last batch permit , called limiting error. at job site, the evidence to confirm life of sharpening is the higher of the blanking, punched hole or punched parts. Because all finished parts had been blanked ,so it is especially for the compound dies. Therefore, the analyse of burr and measurement is especially important when do them as enterprise standardization or checked with <>.

The initial error usually is the minimal through the whole life of die. Its magnitude depend on the accuracy of manufacture, quality, measure of the punching part, thickness of panel, magnitude of gap and degree of homogeneity. The accuracy of manufacture depend on the manufacture process. For the 1 mm thicked compound punching part made in medium steel, the experimental result and productive practice all prove that the burr of dies which produced by spark cutting are higher 25%~~30% than produced by grinder ,NC or CNC. The reason is that not only the latter have more exact machining accuracy but also the value of roughness Ra is less one order than the formmer , it can be reached 0.025μm. therefore, the die’s initial blanked accuracy depend on the accuracy of manufacture , quality and so on .

The normal error of the punch die is the practicable error when the fist cutter grinding and the last cutter grinding before the die produce the last qualified product. As the increase of cutter grinding, caused the measure the nature wear of the dies are gradual increasing, the error of punching part increase also, so the parts are blew proof. And the die will be unused. The hole on the part and inner because the measure of wear will be small and small gradually, and its outside form will be lager in the same reason. Therefore, the hole and inner form in the part will be made mould according to one-way positive deviation or nearly equal to the limit max measure. In like manner, the punching part’s appearance will be made mould according to one-way negative deviation or nearly equal to limit mini measure. For this will be broaden the normal error, and the

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