The development trend of the numerical control technology(数控技术的发展趋势)——中英文对照

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The development trend of the numerical control technology

Summary : Have introduced numerical control technology and the development trend of the equipment and the current situations of the technical development of numerical control equipment and industrialization of our country of our times briefly , have discussed under the new environment further deepened in our country''s accession to the WTO and opening to the outside world on this basis, develop technology of numerical control of our country and the importance of the information-based level of manufacturing industry of our country and international competitiveness equips , improves, and has put forward technology of numerical control of our country and some views equipped of developing from two aspects of strategy and tactics.

The engineering level of equipment industry and modernized intensity are determining the level of the whole national economy and modernized intensity , numerical control technology and equip , develop new developing new high-tech industry and most advanced industry To can make technology and basic equipment most (national defense industry industries , such as information technology and their industry , biotechnology , industry , aviation , spaceflight ,etc. ). Marx has ever said " the differences of different economic times, do not lie in what is produced, lie in how produce, with what means of labor produce ". Manufacturing technology and equipping the most basic means of production that are that the mankind produced the activity, and numerical control technology to equip most central technology. Nowadays the manufacturing industry all around the world adopts the technology of numerical control extensively; in order to improve manufacturing capacity and level, improve the adaptive capacity and competitive power to the changeable market of the trends. In addition every industrially developed country in the world also classifies the technology and numerical control equipment of numerical control as the strategic materials of the country, not merely take the great measure to develop one''s own numerical control technology and industry, and implement blockading and restrictive policy to our country in " high-grade, precision and advanced " key technology and equipment of numerical control. In a word, develop taking technology of numerical control as the core advanced manufacturing technology become world all developed country; accelerate economic development already in a more cost-effective manner, important route to improve the comprehensive national strength and national position.

Numerical control technology to go on technology that control with digital information to mechanical movement and working course, numerical control equipment whether represented by technology of numerical control new technology make industry and new developing infiltration electromechanics integrated product that form of manufacturing industry to tradition, i.e. what is called di

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