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Numerical control(N/C)is a form of programmable automation in which the processing equipment is controlled by means of numbers,letters,and other symbols.The numbers,letters,and symbols are coded in an appropriate format to define a program of instructions for a particular workpart or job.When the job changes,the program of instructions is changed.The capability to change the program is what makes N/C suitable for low-and medium-volume production.It is much easier to write programs than to make major alterations of the processing equipment.

There are two basic types of numerically controlled machine tools:point—to—point and continuous—path(also called contouring).Point—to—point machines use unsynchronized motors,with the result that the position of the machining head Can be assured only upon completion of a movement,or while only one motor is running.Machines of this type are principally used for straight—line cuts or for drilling or boring.

The N/C system consists of the following components:data input,the tape reader with the control unit,feedback devices,and the metal—cutting machine tool or other type of N/C equipment.

Data input,also called“man—to—control link”,may be provided to the machine tool manually,or entirely by automatic means.Manual methods when used as the sole source of input data are restricted to a relatively small number of inputs.Examples of manually operated devices are keyboard dials,pushbuttons,switches,or thumbwheel selectors.These are located on a console near the machine.Dials ale analog devices usually connected to a syn-chro-type resolver or potentiometer.In most cases,pushbuttons,switches,and other similar types of selectors aye digital input devices.Manual input requires that the operator set the controls for each operation.It is a slow and tedious process and is seldom justified except in elementary machining applications or in special cases.

In practically all cases,information is automatically supplied to the control unit and the machine tool by cards,punched tapes,or by magnetic tape.Eight—channel punched paper tape is the most commonly used form of data input for conventional N/C systems.The coded instructions on the tape consist of sections of punched holes called blocks.Each block represents a machine function,a machining operation,or a combination of the two.The entire N/C program on a tape is made up of an accumulation of these successive data blocks.Programs resulting in long tapes all wound on reels like motion-picture film.Programs on relatively short tapes may be continuously repeated by joining the two ends of the tape to form a loop.Once installed,the tape is used again and again without further handling.In this case,the operator simply loads and unloads the parts.Punched tapes ale prepared on type writers with special tape—punching attachments or in tape punching units connected directly to a

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