Careers in the Metalworking Industry

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Many different careers are available in metalworking industry. Choosing the right one depends on the skills, initiative, and qualifications of an individual. To be successful in this trade, the individual must possess characteristics such as care of self, orderliness, confidence, and safe habits.www.mapeng.net马棚网机械资讯

Machinist www.mapeng.net马棚网机械资讯

Machinists are skilled workers who can efficiently operate all standard machine tools. They must be able to read drawings and use precision measuring instruments and hand tools. They must also have acquired enough knowledge and developed sound judgment to perform any bench, layout, or machine tool operation. In addition, they should be capable of making mathematical calculations required for setting up and machining any part. Machinists should have thorough knowledge of metallurgy and heat treating. They should also have a basic understanding of welding, hydraulics, electricity, and pneumatics, and be familiar with computer technology.www.mapeng.net马棚网机械资讯


A technician is a person who works at a level between the professional engineer and the machinist. The technician may assist the engineer in making cost estimates of products, preparing technical reports on plant operation, or program a numerical control machine.www.mapeng.net马棚网机械资讯

A technician should have completed high school and have at least two additional years of education at community college, technical institute, or university. A technician must also possess a good knowledge of drafting, mathematics, and technical writing.www.mapeng.net马棚网机械资讯

Opportunities for technicians are becoming more plentiful because of the development of machine tools such as numerical control, turning centers, and electro-machining processes.www.mapeng.net马棚网机械资讯


A technologist works at a level between a graduate engineer and a technician. Most technologists are three or four-year graduates from a community or technical college. Their studies generally include physics, advanced mathematics, chemistry, engineering graphics, computer programming, business organization, and management.www.mapeng.net马棚网机械资讯

An engineering technologist may do many jobs normally performed by an engineer, such as design studies, production planning, laboratory experiments, and supervision of technicians. Technologists may be employed to serve in a middle management position. Or many other areas, such as quality and cost control, production control, labor relations, training, and product analysis. A technologist may qualify as an engineer by obtaining further education at the university level and by passing a qualifying examination.www.mapeng.net马棚网机械资讯


Engineer in industry are responsible for designing and developing new product and production methods and for redesigning and improv

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