Part Design Checklist

Plastic Part Design Checklist

我们鼎力开发的综合专业的产品设计检查表,有助于工程热塑性产品的注塑成型生产,例如Makrolon®聚碳酸酯树脂、Apec® 高热聚碳酸酯树脂、Bayblend® PC / ABS混合树脂和Makroblend® PC / PET混合树脂。使用本检查表查阅技术定义和关键材料选用要求阐述插图,产品设计细节,装配思路和模具关注点,都应该在你确定你的设计或开发模具之前考虑。这是一个很长的页面,需要您向下滚动来访问所有的内容。

在完成本表单前,作为一种交互工具可以用于获取更多的有关产品设计主题的信息。方便的链接可供查阅更多的Bayer MaterialScience信息。每个主题的定义说明和插图均以友好打印格式呈现。当你进展时,单击每个主题复选框,从而确认你考虑的问题。通过点击表达那底部您可以查看整个表单。这种布局是对打印友好的,允许您打印此表格。


Bayer MaterialScience's Application Engineering Group has developed a comprehensive Part Design Checklist for parts produced with injection molded engineering thermoplastics, such as a Makrolon® polycarbonate resin, Apec® high-heat polycarbonate resin, Bayblend® PC/ABS blend resin and Makroblend® PC/PET blend resin. Use the checklist to find technical definitions and illustrations of the key material selection requirements, part design details, assembly considerations and mold concerns you should consider before you finalize your design or build your mold. This is a long page, so you will need to scroll down to access all of the content.

This form is intended to serve as an interactive tool which may be used for obtaining more information on a part design topic before "checking it off." Convenient links are provided for additional information on the Bayer MaterialScience Web Site where applicable. Definitions and illustrations of each topic are presented in a printer-friendly format. As you go along, click the checkboxes for each topic, thereby confirming your consideration of the issues. You can view the entire form by clicking the box at the bottom. This view is printer-friendly, allowing you to print the form for your records.

Use the checklist as an aid to ensure that you consider the important aspects of part design, including material selection, assembly techniques, and mold concerns. The checklist highlights some of the issues that are deemed important, but it is not intended to be a complete list of all the issues concerning part design.

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Material Selection Requirements
Magnitude Duration Impact
Fatigue Wear

Temperature Chemicals Assembly
Outdoor Exposure Water Processing

Transparency Metallization Painting/Printing
Regrind Cost Flammability
Sterilization Agency Compliance Shrinkage/Warpage
Part Details Review
Sharp Corners T-Junctions Lettering

Wall Thickness - Material
Strength Other Properties

Wall Thickness - Flow
Flow Length Uneven Filling Flow Direction
Orientation Flow Hesitation Thin-wall Molding

Wall Thickness - Uniformity
Thick and Thin Transitions

Base Thickness Height Spacing
Draft & Radius

Wall Thickness Height Attachments

Weld Lines
Strength Material Difference Abatement Options

Draft Angle Mold Finish

Material Shrinkage Part Geometry Tool Design
Geometric Tolerances
Assembly Considerations
Press Fits
Hoop Stress Tight Tolerances Long-term Retention

Snap Fits
Undercut Design Assembly Force

Thread Cutting vs. Forming Countersinks

Molded Threads
Design Nuances Pipe Threads

Ultrasonics - Welding
Energy Director Shear Joint

Ultrasonics - Other
Staking Spot Welding Inserts

Other Welding
Vibration Induction Hot Plate
Laser Spin

Adhesive & Solvent Bonding
Adhesive Families Adhesive Selection Joint Design
Solvent Bonds

Thermal Expansion Molded-in Inserts Assembly Tolerances
Rivets Component Compatability
Mold Concerns
Cooling (corners) Ejector Placement

Type Size Location

Size and Shape Sprue Size Balanced Flow
Hang-up Spots Sharp Corners Cold-slug Well

Draft Part Ejection Long & Thin Cores

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